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representing the work of Paul-Henri Bourguignon

ALT Gallery, Sedona, Arizona

Art Access Gallery, Bexley, Ohio

Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, Cincinnati, Ohio

River House Arts, Toledo, Ohio

Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Photography of Paul-Henri Bourguignon
Archived photographs from Bourguignon's travels to Haiti and Peru at The Ohio State University Rare Books and Manuscripts Library.

The Greener Grass by Paul Bourguignon
Fictional account of a painter who visits Haiti and Peru in search of grass seemingly greener on the other side of the globe. A social comedy which targets politics, business, revolution, creativity. Soft cover. New, unused. $10.00 plus shipping. To order, contact or 614-619-0123.

Via Crucis: The Way of the Cross
A limited volume of Bourguignon drawings in a hand-bound
fine letterpress book. Poetry by award-winning poet Edward Lense. Foreword by Arthur Kleinman, one of the world's leading medical anthropologists. Essay by Paul Farmer, anthropologist, physician, and co-founder of Partners in Health. $85.00 includes shipping. To order, contact or 614-619-0123.

Erika Bourguignon

Erika Bourguignon, Wikipedia

Books by Erika Bourguignon
Available at online book sellers, including,, and Among others: Possession (1976); Exile: A Memoir of 1939 (edited by Bourguignon, 1998); A World of Women, Anthropological Studies in Societies of the World (1980); Diversity & Homogeneity in World Societies (by Bourguignon and Greenbaum 1973-06); Psychological Anthropolgy: An Introduction to Human Nature and Cultural Differences (1979); Religion, Altered States of Consciousness and Social Change (1973); Trance Dance (1968).

The Artist and the Anthropologist
View the Annual Paul H. and Erika Bourguignon Lecture in Art and Anthropology at The Ohio State University, April 2, 2015 (Ann Bremner, lecturer), followed by Dr. Erika Bourguignon's Memorial Celebration (52 minutes)

View Off the Walls: Paintings from the Bourguignon Home

Art Access Gallery
Columbus, Ohio, 2016

View Paul-Henri Bourguignon:
A 50th-Anniversary

Columbus Museum of Art
Columbus, Ohio, 2014-15

View Faces in the
Crowd by Paul-Henri Bourguignon

Ventana Fine Art
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2014

View Apostolic
Visions of Paul-Henri Bourguignon

St. Joseph Cathedral
Columbus, Ohio, 2013

View Paul-Henri Bourguignon
ALT Gallery
Sedona, Arizona, 2012

View Recurring
of Paul-Henri Bourguignon
Richard M. Ross Museum
Delaware, Ohio, 2009

View Paul-Henri Bourguignon
Art Access Gallery
Bexley, Ohio, 2008

View Paul-Henri Bourguignon
Island Weiss Gallery
New York, New York, 2006